The solved question of biography

     CANBERRA, October 15. – I’m regularly faced with a dilemma. What should I write in my social media and internet biographies considering I’m fifteen and haven’t really done much?

The return of the combined masthead?

     CANBERRA, October 14. – Sixty-nine years ago this week Sydney was in the midst of a large newspaper strike. Four Sydney dailies – The Sydney Morning Herald, The Daily Telegraph, The Sun and The Daily Mirror – printed combined issues as printers and journalists went on strike, demanding better pay and four weeks annual holiday.

The eleven newspapers, apart from the highly unusual feature of  four mastheads on the front page, rely mainly on copy taken straight from the wires, most the Australian Associated Press; they were produced with few people, little resources and appear to be assembled to a simple, repetitive formula.


A defence of socks and sandals

     CANBERRA, October 11. – Last night I couldn’t go to sleep. So I rolled onto my side and, while still in bed, opened my door just enough to put my sandals outside of my room. The plan was for their irreverent pong to go with them.

Today I had a different plan from the very beginning.



     CANBERRA, October 10. – There are just some things which are irritating. Most of them can’t be avoided, but they can be compiled into lists to share the irritating pleasure.

Immunisation: the effect of choice

     CANBERRA, October 10. – The Daily Telegraph in Sydney editorialised yesterday about the need for parents to stop turning down vaccinations for their children. It is a part of their campaign to make childhood vaccinations all but compulsory.

I don’t find myself doing this very often, but I’m mostly siding with the Tele on this one.