CANBERRA, October 10. – There are just some things which are irritating. Most of them can’t be avoided, but they can be compiled into lists to share the irritating pleasure.

Emails with one link. – Emails with no text, no “hello”, no name, but just one single link which a friend (or spammer) thinks you might be interested in. Wouldn’t it be nice to receive a short note that tells you what the link’s actually about?

Books with the covers bent back around the spine. – Why do people see the need to do this? Books work perfectly well without their spins being wrecked and their covers creased, you might find.

People who don’t return books. – Oh, how they promise. They might even ask you when you would like to see your book returned. But does it happen? No, the books are lost, and, unlike a library, you are in no position to send them a fine.

The Media. – They speculate so that something happens. If they had never speculated it would never have happened. Those buggers.

Catalogues inserted into newspapers. – I always end up dropping the catalogues onto the ground the minute I walk out  of the newsagent’s. They’re just irritating.

Homework due dates. – Wouldn’t it be nice if it were flexible when you had to have assessment items handed in by? It would take the strain off teachers who have to deal with copious amounts of work all at the same time – no fixed date would spread the load out.

The Australian Liberal Party.

The inability to spell. – I know the English language is stuffed when it comes to the written form, but that does mean we can’t at least try? Especial effort would be appreciated from my peers in the 15- to 18-year-old age bracket.

People who expect me to reply to text messages straight away. – Listen, my phone has been flat for a week and I have no intention of changing that. If it’s important, send a letter.

Red Head Jokes. – Yes, I know you think you are very funny when they are directed at me, but I don’t quite share the funny side.

Telemarketers. – I might have a voice that has broken, but I’m fifteen so I can’t – and won’t – be buying anything off you. And my computer is fine, thanks, so I won’t be needing your “trouble-shooter” – which in reality would be the starting gun of trouble.

P.E. Lessons. – Enough said.

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