The solved question of biography

     CANBERRA, October 15. – I’m regularly faced with a dilemma. What should I write in my social media and internet biographies considering I’m fifteen and haven’t really done much?

But I think I have made a breakthrough. Last week, almost on a whim, I added to a short little piece of text about me on the side of this blog one short sentence which provide the answer to my biographical query.

I wrote:

“He consider himself a journalist who has never been published.”

But it is only now that I realise the potential of this form for enlarged editions of my online biography.

Perhaps I should consider myself a Walkley award recipient who has yet to be awarded, also; or a valiant participant in the anti-misplaced apostrophe police who has yet to master the art of the curly punctuation marks himself. Perhaps we could get even more ridiculous and say possible contender for the Australian Prime Ministership after 2016.

But to finish on a more accurate note (I wouldn’t want to be considered to be going from the ridiculous to the sublime), perhaps this is the best thing to say:

“A blogger who has yet to put together a blog post worth reading.”

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  1. I have seen what you have been up to my friend. Soon our paths will cross, and then and only then will we be able to find. Him.
    May only the light see your path brother Lindell.