FREIBURG, Feb. 3. – When all you can understand is a smattering of unconjugated verbs and a few very common nouns, there is a lot to be noticed in a class of people talking in a way that has limited meaning to you. They say one’s language controls one’s thought process, but obviously it has no bearing on a person’s personality. There are the same sort of people here as there are at home.
The teachers also fit into archetypes, but one stood out today. The eurythmy teacher looked like a middle aged actor who, in his youth, had played Hamlet. Since then he had never come back out of character. He just needed a skull to carry around and ask questions of; he already had the puffy shirt organised.
This afternoon I was asked if we said “Holy Shit” a lot in Australia. I said that it wasn’t an uncommon expression. It was the same fellow who I rode home on my bike. Someone pinched his, so he rode on the back of mine. We nearly got ourselves killed – no one’s wearing helmets in Germany it seems – but we made it to his street sort of in one piece. He did get some practice of saying that not uncommon English phrase during our journey, though.

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  1. This one made me chuckle out loud :-D