FREIBURG, Feb. 2 – The first thing I thought flying into Frankfurt, when the cars became visible and the streets were no longer just beams of orange light, was, “They’re driving on the wrong side.”
There is nothing fundamentally different with the way people live over here, but they don’t have the pure aversion I do to sticking to the right on a piece of bitumen. There haven’t been any breakfasts at 1 o’clock in the morning either.

The differences might be small, but they’re striking. There is cigarette advertising here, none of this behind the counter, no one can look at the packets approach I know from Australia. Having bread for breakfast here is perfectly OK; you don’t have to toast the living daylights out of every yeast product before you smother it with something.

The light switches here are huge. The switch itself is about four centimetres by four, set in a square about five-and-a-half by five-and-a-half. They’re much easier to find on a wall than Australia’s pathetic little things.

The sun rises here at a time I haven’t been awake for yet, but it starts to set about five. Freiburg is fairly flat, but Jorin and I headed up a small mountain to have a look at Freiburg. Und es war sehr schön. And it’s cold, very cold. Although everyone here seems to think it is comfortably cold.
And my German, I’m told, is not as bad as I thought it was. Although, I reckon it is still pretty woeful, but I, as far as I know, haven’t greatly offended anyone. The lack of offending will continue tomorrow, I hope, as I’m off to school.

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