I’m feeling a bit lazy today, so here is a picture:


This is a picture looking out of my window tonight. We’re having stupidly good weather and enjoyed 20 degrees today. Perfect. The population here is a bit shocked by being able to wear shorts (not that I’ve partaken in this yet). You have to wear sunglasses – not because of the sun, because of the whiteness of people’s knees.

(Note the solar panels on the houses: this is a very green area and there’s a lot of selling electricity back to the grid going on here.)


I received my first letters here this week. Always exciting, although one’s in a Hallmark envelope, so it might be birthday related. I’ve held off on opening it; I’ve buried it in a drawer so I don’t get tempted – the risk is I’ll forget it’s there. I’ve replied to the others and will send some more postcards out soon. (Postcards are tedious, though; I need one of those “novel spinning machines” from Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four to whip them up.)

School continues as ever. As the level of understanding increases so does the susceptibility to work. The German word for “work” is arbeit – easy to remember because the first sound sounds like, “pain in the arse”.


  1. "So awesome", says Fraser Wigney. I have to agree.

    You have a real eye for great photographs, Jasper. Some of your previous photos I thought were perhaps taken by professional photographers and taken from websites. In my usual awkward very roundabout way, that's a compliment.

  2. Happy birthday. I even found you a small gift but I'm not going to post it to you. I'll just wait for your return. It's soon isn't it?