School ended. I probably didn’t say good bye to enough people, but I shook hands and wished people luck for the future. They did the same for me. We all smiled as we rode away, to a future where I probably won’t see any of them again.

The human mind struggles with never-agains. They are constantly happening around us, though, and we need to get over ourselves. What are the chances the people I played mini-golf with yesterday will ever play another round together?

After the mini-golf, I caught the tram into the city for Jamie’s birthday (he’s an exchange student here too; we know each other at home). This being Jamie’s 16th birthday, I will leave you, dear readers, to fill in the blanks. Perhaps if you know the following you’ll be able to deduce the happenings with greater accuracy: The legal drinking age in Germany is 16.

In other news, a glass of beer tastes like a cold, more fluid cup of tea, but one with 25 tea bags and a dash of pepper. It was bizarrely nice, actually. Although, I haven’t worked out how people have five in one sitting.

Jamie is in Italy now and I won’t see him until we’re all back in Australia. Back for another term and the coal face of learning and wisdom.

Today we went for a bike ride along the Dreisdam, heading out from the centre of Freiburg in the direction of the Black Forest. Very sunny, beautiful weather. Everyone lying on the grassy banks the further we got out from the city was publicly displaying affection.

Tomorrow we’re going to Paris for the week. It’s a bit crazy, I think, but it’s the done thing in Europe. It’s about four hours on the train with one change. From her tone on the telephone this morning, I think my mother’s a bit envious.

Well, we’ll see how it goes. Is it the City of Love, the City of Clich├ęs or something else totally unexpected?

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